How to bulk import connections

Hi guys,

At the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Forum i posted the question on how to mass import connections to existing accounts:

As always, the community there is awesome. Always quick to respond and almost always able to offer any help.

Maybe i can do someone else a favor by showing what i did step by step.

Step 1: I made sure that the accounts I want to connect FROM and connect TO already existed. As well as all the Connections Roles. (Don’t know if CRM would create them automatically and had no time to test that.)

Step 2: Select the view that shows the accounts you want to export.


Step 3: Export like this


Step 4: When in the excel-file, make it as followed (or add extra columns according to what info you want in your connection form):


Step 5: Save your new file as a (.csv) – time to upload


Step 6: Import as the right Record Types


Step 7: Time to map the fields, make sure to check the following box, also at “As this role (to)”


Step 8: I mapped the fields as followed:


Step 9: “next, next, submit, finish” > Go to Imports and see the files being successfully uploaded.

Hope this helps.

Thanks to Nizar Jlassi @MSCRM Forum

(his blog)

Cheers guys


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