How to find Open Opportunities with NO Activities (without having to use FetchXML)

Someone on the MSCRM Forum asked this question and with help from Scott Durow we found a way to get the right results without the need of coding.

Scott Durow:

His MSCRM profile:

His blog:

Below you can see my step-by-step process with screenshots. Hopefully it’s enough for you guys to be able to get the same results.

Step 1: Make New Marketing List

13-3-2014 10-34-44

Step 2: Give it a name, set Members to Account and make the List Dynamic

13-3-2014 10-35-45

Step 3: Go to manage members and run a query as seen on the screenshot below

13-3-2014 10-36-29

Step 4: Check the results, as you can see in my example — 13 accounts appear, see below

13-3-2014 10-37-20

Step 5: Make a second list and make it as seen below, static:

13-3-2014 10-38-00

Step 6: Go to manage members

13-3-2014 10-39-18

Step 7: Run a query looking for all accounts with open opportunities

13-3-2014 10-40-06

Step 8: Check the box adding all the members produces by the query

13-3-2014 10-40-34

Step 9: Check the results, in my example you can see 26

13-3-2014 10-41-16

Step 10: Open both the lists you just made, put them next to each other and start deleting all members in the static list

13-3-2014 10-42-13

Step 11: What you are left with is all accounts + open opportunites + NO activity, see below (26-13 = 13)

13-3-2014 10-43-15

Step 12: Rinse and Repeat — check the steps in the description in the screenshot below

13-3-2014 10-43-41

Hope this is enough for you guys.

It certainly works for me.

Cheerio, see you on the Forum.


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