How to Bulk Edit Connections (crm2011)

My fellow CRM users & customizers,

Another step-by-step screenshot process for all you ladies and gents looking to Bulk Edit Connections.

We’ve already talked about How to Bulk Import Connections

So for what reason do you want to Bulk Edit Connections you may ask?

Well, in my case. 20 or so of our Accounts had a 3 different types of Connection Roles and we wanted to change to one and the same Connection in one go without spending a lot of time.

The solution to this is really quite simple, you just have to be able to find it.

With Regards to one of our CRM consultants > Jasper Alias @ Pylades

Without further ado.

Step 1: I’ve got the following 5 Test Accounts

bulk edit connections 1

Step 2: When I go into the Connections on Test Account 1 you can see 4 Connections with Role (From) Supplier

bulk edit connections 2

Step 3: I need to prepare a Saved View (Look for: Connections) with all the right Columns because when you Export these Connections to Excel, those Columns will appear in Excel

bulk edit connections 3bulk edit connections 4

Step 4: Once the View is created, I can see the following Connections produced by the View

bulk edit connections 5

Step 5: Time to Export to Excel > Important to Check all the right Boxes as seen below

bulk edit connections 6

Step 6: Make sure to Save the File in the right format

bulk edit connections 7

Step 7: Open the File in Excel and check the results

bulk edit connections 8

Step 8: Edit the Connection Roles anyway you want to (make sure they already exist within CRM) In this example I just switched around Supplier & Customer.

bulk edit connections 9

Step 9: Time to Upload

bulk edit connections 10bulk edit connections 11

Step 10: If everything goes well, go to your Imports and see your Import Succes

bulk edit connections 12

Step 11: Final step, Go to your previously Saved View and see that your Connections have been Edited

bulk edit connections 13

Hope this helps some of you out there.

Good luck Customizing!


See you on the Forum.


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